a film about the m8 motorway

exhibited at open desktop,  RSA edinburgh

digital film (8 min), 2019

access here

in the city of glasgow, 

there is a constant hum, 

a murmur of 


in the background the whispers of 

the m8 motorway, 

as slices up the city

movement performed from robotic bodies

its path is a nonplace, a decimation of character

its construction has been described as

waking up one day to a sound 

that never got switched off

nothing is oblivious to its legacy

in glasgow city, the m8 resulted in the


destruction and redesign 

of existing urban structures

there are no neutral bodies, there 

no cities that survive without a past of destruction,

urban design can be as vicious as a knife, sculpting, decimating

how do we account for the motorways sporadic jolts of beauty? or the occasional calming hum of its noise that can be almost


how do the bodies that were moved for the m8 live around its imposing form?

how can the city carve out 

space for itself underneath 

the movements of a body built out of